Monday, 19 January 2015

Making Marmalade


Happy January and I hope you are all feeling full of fairy fizz ! 

I have some exciting news from Betty's Cottage - we have some new fairies moved in to help Lolly and Buncle who will soon be moving outside once Spring creeps in and so let me introduce you to Bees-Wax ( she is the one dusting the teacups ) and all fairy fans will know that she is a Domestic fairy in her little maids uniform and below is her brother Buzz. They are very different characters as you shall find out but for now let me just tell you that Bees-Wax quietly hums as she goes about her work and Buzz
buzzes around quite noisily, so we always know where he is. I also have a SURPRISE FAIRY for you to meet later on , but in the meantime ...

 They have joined us at the time of year where we like to make our marmalade ...I am very fond of the stuff, although I know that fairies often find it bitter and much prefer the jam making season, however the fairies agree that it does make a dreary month much more magical with it's golden glowing colour and the smell of oranges wafting around the house ( which makes you think of sunnier days. )

This tiny Domestic fairy was in charge of the stirring and very brave she was too to balance on the edge of a bubbling pan ( please don't try this at home ! )

Once it was potted up Bees-Wax flew in to test it was set properly ...

 and then in buzzed Buzz to make doubly sure and with a flick of her magic duster , some extra fairy dust was put into the pot.

 Lolly and Buncle cut out the fabric tops and tried them out as new skirts whilst they were at it !

Lolly practised her best handwriting to make up the labels and Buzz checked that she had written the correct date.

 When all was done they sat down to a little snack of bread and marmalade .

Buzz doen't like the bits so we gave him just some of the jelly...

But Buncle likes the chunky jewel- like  pieces and so she tucked into a nice chewy piece of orange rind and she said it was so zingy she had more than enough energy to tidy the pots in the larder.

Bees-Wax gave the pots an extra dust of magic so that every time we peek inside the cupboard we shall get a golden glow from looking at them.

In fact I forgot to tell you that our new Domestic fairy has been very busy this month as one of her first jobs was to paint the larder and line the shelves with this lovely new lacy paper.

Now before I forget about our surprise fairy , here she is ...  All you readers of my Fairy Christmas and Fairy Year books will recognise her as Ty-Ping my secretary and I am so pleased to have her back ( she has been travelling all over the world signing autographs on the book tour. )  It is going to be a very busy year ahead and she really helps to keep me organised ...she was a bit miffed that she wasn't given the job of writing out the marmalade labels but is very happy that we shall be having a marmalade souffle tonight to welcome her back and we are looking forward to hearing all her travellers tales.

 And so I leave the fairies to say goodbye from the newly decorated larder ( always a good place to look for fairies of course and you are much more likely to find some hiding in your larder if you line the shelves with something pretty. )

Next time our Trainee fairy will have arrived ...I can't wait for you to meet her. Until then have a magical month even though it is cold and gloomy - remember a fairy is never very far away even if you can't see her ( but if you hear a loud humming it could be a him and it could be Buzz ! )
Love from, Betty X

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