Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Arrival of Twinkle


Our new trainee fairy Twinkle had been expected to fly in for days now , she had been held up 
with the cold weather but at last she arrived in a shower of snow  just as the Snowdrops were
opening. True to her name she is very twinkly and we were all happy to see her.

Lolly and Buncle got out the Best Fairy China, sat her down on the best egg cup and gave her a warming cup of tea and biscuits.

Ty -Ping then gave her some general information about the house and our rules;
 we don't have many but we do ask all fairy folk to NOT leave footprints
in the butter and to fill in the proper form and have it stamped by Ty-Ping
if they plan to grant any wishes ( trainees are not allowed to grant any such wishes
until I give them their FULLY FLEDGED FAIRY CERTIFICATE. )Other rules are , NO sitting on the end of my knitting needles when I an knitting
as I loose count of my stitches and NO napping in the Icing sugar as it gave me
such a fright once when a little fairy 'ghost' flew out of the bag once when I was baking !

Twinkle was then shown to her cupboard where she was to sleep and arrange her things...
and she set about un packing her personal wands ( rather too many for such a young fairy, but then she does like twinkly things.)

We soon could see that this little trainee was most drawn to all the pretty
and 'girly ' things that she could find. 
She then had a little flutter around the house to get her bearings...

And she seemed to be happiest in the bathroom checking out the scents and potions 

and the jewellery and the trinkets. 

She seemed quite interested in this light bulb which is just as well because
Twinkle is soon to find out that she is here to learn about recycling and to study
climate change as much as about how to wave a wand and polish a tiara .

But we shall break her in gently and for now she can dream of all things sparkly
and twinkly and of all the fairy dresses and shoes she might wear when she is
Fully Fledged as she cuddles up to a shiny spoon in the Best Fairy China

in the pic- nic hamper.

LOVE FROM,  Betty x

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DollZandThingZ said...

All so cute/adorable/charming and lovely!