Friday, 6 March 2015

Spring Flowers


Since I last wrote about Betty's Cottage I have been far away carrying out my fairy research, in fact I have been on the other side of the world observing how limp fairy wings perform in extreme heat and how they only come out on the wing at dusk and twilight , in fact apart from the Firefly Fairies of Java no fairy really enjoys very hot conditions . So how lucky are we in England and Northern Europe to have the opportunity to see so many of the species in our cool weather conditions !

Of course many fairies do hibernate in the cold winter months but as the earth warms up you will have the chance to again go fairy spotting and hopefully see fairies emerging just like the first primroses and daffodils that are beginning to shyly pop their heads up in our parks and gardens.

For my return the fairies here got busy making sure the Cottage looked nice and Spring-like and brought in the first  flowers of the year and dotted them about the place... it cheered us all up no end
and and I decided that our delicate blooms are far more to my taste than the exotic flowers I saw on my travels !

Twinkle really enjoyed twinkling in the sun amongst the daffodils ...
and the very small Domestic fairy called Speck made sure that the edges of each one was properly ruffled !

Bees-Wax arranged the flowers on my desk...
and gave them a quick dust whilst she was there.
Once my case was unpacked I sat the fairies down to show them the shells in my collection , brought back from my travels abroad . They all decided that although they were very pretty , they would not like to travel to such hot places and have to suffer limp wings , although they were looking forward to our coming summer where they were certain of some cooling rain when it it get too hot for comfort.

I told them they they were each allowed to choose a favourite shell and keep it and after much deliberation Twinkle chose this piece of sea glass to match her dress and with a Narcissus flower in her hair she decided that Betty's Cottage is a very nice place for a fairy to live and twinkled most merrily for the rest of the day.


We at Betty's Cottage would love to hear from fairy followers, young and old and would love you to tell us what you think about life with fairies. With Easter coming I shall be making some Easter fairies and I shall give away a fairy to two fairy followers who either e mail or make a comment at the end of this blog ... Lolly and Buncle will chose their favourites ! We look forward to hearing from you.

Betty X


Mantadiver75 said...

Dear Olly & Buncle,

Some people just really need a fairy in their lives this Easter. My mum found out her son, my brother Robert, had terminal cancer at Easter last year, and sadly he passed away last August. He was only 41. Today, my dad has been admitted to hospital with cellulitis, which fortunately is more treatable.

Needless to say my mum could really do with a Spring fairy to uplift her and make her smile this coming Easter. I received a BB fairy from my cousin a few months ago, she made me smile and now has pride of place in my home. Living with fairies brings smiles...

From a fairy lover in South Yorkshire (Jane Jefferson) x

Victoria Stitch said...

Well I live with a VERY helpful domestic fairy (bought from you!) who helps with all my cleaning and adds an extra bit of sparkle and magic to my house- I love her!

DollZandThingZ said...

Fairies...little people...wee folk...elves ...pixies...they add fun and whimsey to life. Your photos and story just brightened my day! With the return of spring, hopefully they will return to gardens here in new England!

betty bib said...

Manta diver 75 please send me your address !

betty bib said...

Victoria, always lovely to hear from you,glad the domestic fairy is a help ! X

betty bib said...

DollzandthingZ , so glad the magic has reached you , so far away ! X

Jillian Jamieson said...

Dear Olly & Buncle,

I am poised to begin teaching my Grandchildren all about fairies, and was so pleased to be
able to show them your wonderful website!

I have been a fan for many many years and have all your books.

The fairy world for children (and adults) is a wonderful place of magic and wonderment!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, I am alone this years as all my family are away-so a beautiful
little fairy would keep me from being lonely.

Kindest regards


betty bib said...

Dear Jillian,
So pleased you like the fairies ! Have a magical Easter and do look Betty Bib up on Facebook as every Wednesday a new Fairy of the Week goes up !🐤🐣🐥✨